Truth About Black (TAB) is a lifestyle brand created to destigmatize black as a word, concept, culture and shade. All too often, "black" is associated with things considered bad, dark, negative or scary, like black sheep, black market, and black hole for examples, in addition to the stigma attached to Black culture. TAB moves to change the narrative by using premium black hued products, embellished with colorful designs, to highlight positive attributes of black. Truth About Black apparel generates food for thought and helps you feel and look good in " black." 
Words have power
What emotions do the words "truth about black" evoke in you? We want to morph society's associations of "Black" into a more balanced and accurate reflection; so "Black" gets it due respect. Just like you wear a  jersey to  show support and pride in your favorite sports team, we hope you'll represent and root for "black."
Truth matters because lies and misinformation serve to further fragment society. Dishonesty disrupts social cohesion. You may think that addressing only positive attributes of "Black" is misleading, but we're inundated daily, with negative perceptions of black. Embracing the good does not mean that problems do not exist. A prosocial approach is more beneficial in bringing us together. 
Our vision is that people of varying races, ethnicities, and beliefs, learn to accept and value the truth. Lifting another culture does not diminish the value of yours. We want even the doubters to try on the Truth, feel its power, display its beauty, surround themselves with black apparel infused with positivity, then expand the concept to diversity in general. Studies have shown that the qualities you  assign a garment, impacts your behavior when you put it on.  You have nothing good to lose by trying it.
A symbol is worth a thousand words and is often universal. So be as powerful as an eagle and spread your wings, as sophisticated as a peacock and strut your stuff, as beautiful as the colorful bouquets of nature and brighten every season, and as bold as a lion as you walk through the jungle of life. Our ask; do it in black; and take along the truth.
Right for every occasion!